We keep them simple.

(even for us to understand)

Our relationship

we will treat all citizens with respect and we expect the same. we will do everything we can to right our wrong. We Ask you to help us serve you better.

let's agree on that.

Your privacy

we will not sell or give our citizens' personal information to anybody. we will only contact you when there is something worth sharing. you can always tell us to stop.

we will respect that.

Online orders

online orders are there for your convenience - to keep your day going smoothly. we will FULFIL your order as quickly as possible but sometimes orders back up and delays could happen. when POSSIBLE, we will keep that to a minimum.

please accept that.


All applicants will be considered for the job they apply for with no discrimination. We will only hire good-natured, enthusiastic and happy people who are willing to learn and go the extra mile. it is vital that We hire individuals we feel we could entrust with our brand and with building a relationship with our citizens.

we care a lot about that.